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Rathkeltair blends compelling and catchy original songs with tight, driving straight-ahead rock-n-roll, while never forgetting its Celtic roots. 

Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Rathkeltair has been on the road full-time since 2003.  Highly regarded for its extraordinary energy, showmanship and professionalism, Rathkeltair enjoys a loyal and rapidly expanding community of friends and fans. 

Rathkeltair features three veteran road-warriors from England, Northern Ireland and America.  Noted singer-songwriter/guitarist Trevor Tanner, former front man for The Bolshoi, a mainstay of the UK club scene at the height of the MTV era and the subject of a rabid international underground cult following, writes most of the band’s original material.  Drummer Nick Watson (formerly of 7-time World Champion Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band) and bagpiper/multi-instrumentalist Neil Anderson are two of the original members of Clan Na Gael (7 Nations), the NYC-based band that kicked off the “kilt rock” phenomenon in the US in the mid-90’s and inspired many of the groups working in that genre today.

Rathkeltair’s name-sake is a famous historical site in County Down, Northern Ireland, also known as the “mound of Down.”  Besides being close to the village where Nick was born and raised, the band chose the name as a tip of the hat to its Celtic heritage.



Dublin 5

Dublin 5, Formerly, The Rovers, were formed in 2006 and took on the new name in 2013. The name Dublin 5 is the region in Ireland where Ray Murphy, lead singer in the band, grew up as a child.

Dublin 5 has taken the Celtic music scene by storm thanks to an eclectic mix of traditional roots and blazing instrumentals with an amped up rock twist. Their musicianship and show is nothing short of high octane.

Their fan base is continually expanding and covers people of all ages from all walks of life.

Dublin 5 has performed at The Syracuse Irish Festival, The Oshkosh Irish Festival, The Maryland Irish Festival, The Celtic Fling, The Dayton Ohio Irish Festival, The Annapolis Irish Festival,The Maryland Renaissance Festival, FEDEX Field, Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, Raven Stadium, USNA Stadium and Shamrock Fest D.C.

Dublin 5 are fronted by Ray Murphy (lead guitar) from Dublin Ireland and backed by Jenn Garmen (fiddle), Eddie McGowan (bass and bagpipes), Jim Martin, (percussion), and drummer Kevin Shook. They are sure to keep you on edge until the final track has been played.



 Kilmaine Saints

September of 2012 saw the release of the Kilmaine Saints’ latest studio effort, “Drunken Redemption”, a hard-hitting follow-up to their debut CD “The Good, The Plaid & The Ugly”. With a mix of original songs and old Irish Traditional tunes (to which the Saints put their own modern spin), it has been a fan favorite and ranked by many reviewers as one of the Top Celtic Rock CDs for 2012. John Bowles, reviewer for Paddy stated, “From start to finish you have trads, rebel songs, drinking songs, and songs about being strong, proud, and… you know… IRISH!! I wouldn’t be surprised if they had this release playing in every Irish pub from Boston to Chicago to L.A. and throughout the world… having every one of us raising our pints high in the air and singing along.” The popularity of both albums and the growing legions of fans have led to label interest, many newspaper and radio interviews, and airplay on several mediums, locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Kilmaine Saints were first conceived in 2009 by a few members of the Lochiel Emerald Society Pipes and Drums as a means to play bagpipes year round and acquire free beer and pub food. Although the idea of a band was mostly for fun, it quickly became clear that the music scene around them was lacking, and they knew just what it needed. A short time later, the Saints rounded out their crew with a singer from County Mayo, a brilliant fiddler, and an upbeat guitarist, and began pounding through blistering, high-energy live sets that have kept people wanting more. With their love of superior music and complimentary beer, the Kilmaine Saints and their Guiness-soaked hearts have been storming the North East, playing hundreds of shows from small-town pubs to large stage events. In addition to being the go-to band for the Philly chapter of the Dropkick Murphy charity fund (The Claddagh Fund), they have many large Irish festivals under their belt, including Pipes in the Valley, Celtic Fling, ShamrockFest, Annapolis Irish Festival and the Wildwood Irish Weekend, all festivals with attendance in the thousands.

With their passion for creating and performing music, and an ever-growing fan base, it’s a good bet you’ll hear one of the Kilmaine Saints’ songs being played everyplace that pints are raised and the whiskey is flowing. “The enthusiasm of [this] band is contagious; it reaches right into your soul and will get your feet moving and your heart pumping.” (The Celtic Crier)



Empty Flask

Begin with a measure of music born in the Highlands of Scotland and across the sea in Ireland, add a shaker of down home kitchen party, then fill to the top with rock and roll – a recipe to fill flasks all across the country. The wail of the bagpipes blends with the drums, the guitars, the mandolin and the fiddle, soars above the bass and sets the feet moving to a whole new sound with the most ancient of roots.

Back to our recipe – here are four skilled musicians, experienced in music of all genres, who decided to get together and mix it up! Ewan Brown, the rock and roll bagpiper who will pipe you an ancient tune from the Highlands to break your heart, then pick up his mandolin and sing you a classic rock song; Jeff on bass guitar will rollick along; BJ will set your toes tapping with the beat of the drum; Michael will shred the air on his guitar and sing you a ballad.

Whether it is a traditional Celtic tune, a blistering cover with a twist or one of their rousing originals, Empty Flask will play your favorites and introduce you to new sounds. If you have never heard the pipes, let Empty Flask introduce you to that ancient instrument, playing a new song for you, or setting your toes tapping to an old pub song from Edinburg. The band will bring the usual guitars, bass and drums and season with a glorious fiddle, but may just toss in something to add to the mix, a mandolin, the penny whistle – who knows what else they’ll dream up! Just when you think you have them pegged, they will take you down another musical road; one that has people dancing, singing, stomping and a little screaming…





2015 Guinness Pub Stage Emcee

The Frederick Celtic Festival is happy to announce that emceeing our Guinness Pub Stage is Mr. Glenn Frye.  Glenn has spent his career in and around the music industry, receiving a degree in Radio from Montgomery College, working at well-known Washington, DC radio stations WPGC and WMET, and even working with “The Greaseman” show from 2004-2007.  He is also the owner of dB Lumens DJ’s.


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